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Lana Dura grew from an exciting idea, embracing the goal of giving sheep a job, sheep "paid" to produce a product annually: contributing their wool fiber, enhancing partnerships with people working to ensure endangered, heritage breeds' continued genetics for future agriculture.

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Everything I make is 100% Navajo-Churro wool sourced domestically.  All products are hand-made in El Prado, New Mexico.   The colors are natural colors from the sheep so products are hand-washable.  The designs are contemporary Southwestern and each is unique.  Custom orders are possible and all sizes are approximate.


Email to talk over what is available


Felts in the photos are likely sold but these photographs give you an idea of designs and the wool colors Navajo-Churro sheep naturally produce.

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Art Felts

Wool from these rare heritage sheep, a breed originally brought  to the Southwest by the Spanish Conquistadors in the 1500s.  
Connect to the natural world!

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Wool Felt Floor Rugs

Ideal for a bath mat, pet bed, door mat or placed beside the bed for a warm landing when you awake.  Natural cushion-y meditation mat.
Get closer to nature and use natural wool!

Lana dura 3rd session 013 1800v.jpg

Wool Felt Runners

Originally designed as a table runner. these are most often used as wall art easily hung vertically or horizontally.    Environmentally friendly and sustainable wool from a rare heritage sheep breed still found primarily in the Southwest states.  


Place mats

Set a unique table with Lana Dura wool felt placemats!. They are 100% Navajo-Churro wool in contemporary Southwestern natural colors of browns, greys, blacks and whites without any dyes. Wool is environmentally friendly, hand-washable and naturally without microplastics.

Pot holders

These hot pads are totally unique, easily gift-wrapped and mail-able. True Southwest gifts ! And a unique gift for the foodie!

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Gift for the foodie, gift for the cook, and great gift for wine enthusiasts and these absorptive coasters insulate your tea or coffee mug from chilly tile counters!  Environmentally-friendly Southwest product!   

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