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Lana Dura’s felted bags grew from an exciting idea, embracing the goal of giving sheep a job, sheep "paid" to produce a product annually: contributing their wool fiber, enhancing partnerships with people working to ensure endangered, heritage breeds' continued genetics for future agriculture. 


Minna began raising sheep in Vermont in 1983, then she discovered Navajo-Churro sheep while working in New Mexico.  She eventually relocated to Taos (where fiber is king!).  Prior, Minna enjoyed over twenty years working in film and television (PBS’s NOVA science series, IMAX features, HBO) and then the U.S.Peace Corps (Vanuatu in the South Pacific).  And, always, enthused about fiber and fabric--- texture and natural colors.


We know there are Lana Dura people around, tucked around corners and chatting quietly: non-conformists and original thinkers who appreciate the unusual and unique.  Enthused about life, we love sumptuous and tactile felt fabrics, which enliven every room in our home & office, gracing the space with handcrafted, natural and chemical-free functional art. Whether on the wall, on your table or on the floor, Lana Dura felts and felt bags are distinctive and confident accessories plus all are hand-washable and humanely-produced… so let your beloved pet enjoy them as much as you, your family & friends.



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