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Short Bio

New England was my initial base where I produced documentary films first for PBS (the NOVA science series for many years then with ODYSSEY and THE RING OF TRUTH) then, based in New Mexico, documentaries for IMAX/OMNIMAX.   During those  busy years I also earned two graduate degrees.  After all this traveling I settled into work as the Policy Analyst for the Vermont Agency of Agriculture.  In Vermont I ran a fiber washing business (wool & alpaca) and made wool felt. Finally, quenching a life-long dream, I entered the U.S.Peace Corps doing my 2.5 service years in the South Pacific.

At this life juncture I relocated to Taos, NM where I spend most days 'painting' with wool, producing felt.  I use only wool from Navajo-Churro sheep, the breed which I raised since 1990.  These sheep give me a sophisticated and wonderful natural color palette with their colorful wool: white and black plus many browns and grays and patterns. This historic and now rare breed arrived in this hemisphere with the Spanish Conquistadores in the 1500s.  I am fortunate enough to have found their wonderful fiber and this thoroughly sustainable material enables me to Give Sheep a Job.  


I am inspired by the incredible landscapes of northern New Mexico and the stunning wool artistry of generations of artists and crafts people who lived and worked and raised sheep here.

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